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Good oral health belongs to everyone.

Unioni 45 is a Finnish dental clinic on a mission to dispel fear from dentistry. The main clinic is located in Helsinki, while Unioni's traveling anesthesia team brings coverage all over Finland.

Dentophobic patients

Dentophobia affects around 5-10% of adults. Dentophobia usually causes patients to neglect their oral health, which leads to serious risk factors for health complications. General anesthesia is the best way to treat dentophobia as there is no fear nor trauma. In most cases, all the work needed can be done in one sitting.

Elderly & Special groups

General anesthesia is a safe way to carry out larger bodies of treatment for elderly and special groups. For example, general anesthesia can be the only option for patients who suffer from dementia. Other patient groups that benefit greatly from general anesthesia are: cancer patients, patients who are allergic to local anesthetics and patients with a sensitive gag reflex. 


In certain points of adolescense, even smaller operations can become overwhelming. If there is a lot to treat, usually just the time needed leads to unfinished body of treatment. A good rule of thumb is, that if the childs dental care requires over four courses of treatment, general anesthesia is the most sensible form of treatment.

When there is a lot to do

General anesthesia is an excellent choise when there is a lot to do. In regular care, larger bodies of work usually end up unfinished. It's hard to gravitate back to your dentist when the most acute problems are taken care of. General anesthesia allows for larger projects to be done in one sitting.

General anesthesia is a care-free solution that works especially well for dentophobic patiens, children & elderly or when there is a lot to treat.

General anesthesia is an effective solution

The best way to get an estimate for the treatment is to book a free assessment. Booking a free assessment does not require you to purchase any services.

Good oral health is a must for one's well-being. Poor oral health is a major risk factor for atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction. Dental infections also negatively effect the management off chronic diseases, such as arthritis and diabetes.

Cost-effective treatment

When comparing the total costs of dental care, it's usually good to pay attention to indirect expenses, such as lost work- and free-time, recurring costs of transport, as well as the time taken by treatment and traveling. Under general anesthesia, even larger projects can be done in one sitting.

Care now, not tomorrow

It's always cheaper to care for existing teeth than to end up with expensive prosthetics. For example, teeth repairs done with gum grafts can cost tens of thousands of euros.

Long-term benefits

Cavities, for example, are on-going and advancing infection processes that are most effectively treated under general anesthesia. When all the cavities are taken care of at once, the bacteria levels of the mouth are lowered substantially. 

General anesthesia is a cost-effective form of treatment and a crucial investment to one's well-being when fear stands in the way.

How much does general anesthesia cost?

Best way to get an exact cost assessment is to book a free assessment. Booking a free assessment does not require you to purchase any services.

Minimum cost for anesthesia is 2 hours, which translates to 800€. This time frame allows for bonding/removal of 3-4 teeth (84-178€)/bond, 94€-384€/removal). Dental x-rays cost approx. 28-105€.

Available all over Finland.

Our comprehensive partner network allows for you to get the best treatment near you.

Unioni 45 is located in Helsinki, but our traveling anesthesia team is always ready to hit the road.

Check the map for the city nearest to you and book a free assessment!


We'll be with you in no time!

Pioneers of dental work done under general anesthesia.

Unioni 45 is Finland's first dental clinic that focuses on dental work done under general anesthesia. Our mission is to expel fear from the way of good oral health.

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